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Monthly Release: 2017-05-05

Camlistore version 8f1a7df176 built with Go 1.8.

The previous release introduced the Sharing feature in the web UI, but it was limited to sharing one item at a time. This release now allows sharing of multiple items. Upon sharing, if several items (file or directory permanodes) are selected, a directory schema is created, and all the selected items become members of that directory. The directory is then the item being shared (transitively).

The Camlistore launcher for Google Cloud was also improved: it can now create a Google Project, and configure it (enable the required Google Cloud APIs), on behalf of the user. After the project is created, the user still has to enable billing for the project before they can proceed with the launch.


SHA256: 8993204c59137343e7a02f463d263a9f6cbd90411728b7be18c748a9384dc6c5
SHA256: b12296fdd17f2cfa43078956d68e90b54426933116e43f947078ec975632fafc
SHA256: af0a75eebd52e93154500b50454f964db233d153b5e19f4143e39ea0121a0b77
SHA256: fc41497493c1ba1031ccc5a6e6b6ebcb3a89658ef9218ef482c3646cdeaddbf1

Release Stats

3 total committers over 26 commits since 9e34d14ef5f240f35bd88d71495da0f6cbf99600 including Attila Tajti, mpl, nico.

Thank you!

Release Notes

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