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Download Camlistore

The latest release is 0.9 (“Astrakhan”).

Or, the canonical git repo is:

$ git clone https://camlistore.googlesource.com/camlistore

Download and install Go if you don’t have that installed already. As of revision 5bc0864, Camlistore requires Go 1.7 or newer.

Build Camlistore by running this command in the folder you downloaded or checked out:

$ go run make.go

Alternatively, we also distribute “monthly” releases, which we simply regularly build from the master branch of the repository:

Monthly Release: 2016-09-05

Getting started

Once you’ve successfully built the Camlistore components, you can run the server with:

$ ./bin/camlistored

This will create configuration and public/private key information in $HOME/.config/camlistore/ (or where camtool env configdir points). You can start and stop camlistored as you see fit.

You’re done setting up! Running camlistored should open a new browser window pointed at your camlistore where you can start uploading and interacting with data.

Developers typically use the ./bin/devcam wrapper to isolate their test environment from their production instance and to simplify common development tasks. If you have questions, you can ask the mailing list.

Release Notes

Previous release notes:

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